Make Your Timeshare Your Legacy

This month we wanted to take time to highlight not a destination, but one of the most valuable features of timeshare ownership.  A feature which allows you to give a lasting gift of memories and quality leisure time to your children and their children.

It is a widely shared sentiment that family is the most important thing in our lives.  The memories we make as well as the times we spend living and learning truly become our most precious possessions. For those of us who are parents, as we watch our children grow, we understand firsthand how quickly it all goes by.
I was recently watching Disney’s movie, “Inside Out” with my girls who are now 11 and 13 and I have to say I was quite saddened as the main character, Riley, started to lose the memories that she had made as a child. But I was re-inspired when she realized that our childhood memories are never really lost. They are saved within our family who help to keep them for us; in their hearts, so that we can revisit them any time we want to.
In this day where many of our traditional values are challenged, and the opportunity to spend time with our family is harder and harder to come by, it is vital to make the time with our children, as well as our parents as they too grow older. Holidays come and go, but it is often those memorable trips, those special times together away from the same old four walls, that we remember most fondly. As a timeshare owner, we are fortunate to experience these memorable vacations on  a regular basis.

Owning a timeshare is an investment in making lifetime memories with those you love.
Maybe it was the idea of laying on a beach you never knew existed, or shopping in a charming European village that made you purchase your first timeshare. You were probably not even thinking about the bonds or memories you would make with your loved ones on the day you bought it. Most of us take these things for granted.  I can tell you first hand, we often hear from the moms and dads who do make vacationing with their family a priority, and how much it continues to impact their children’s and even their grand children’s, lives.
I would like to remind you to include your timeshare in your estate planning so that your children or nieces and nephews can continue the tradition of making memories all over the world.  Making the most of your timeshare truly can make the most out of your life and the lives of those you love.

Alain Carr
Vice President

Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas!

It’s time to win big and see the world in one hot hot hot destination!

Las Vegas, Sin City, City of Lights, entertainment capital of the world. Once a small settlement of ranchers and railroad workers, today boasts over a half million residents and some of the hottest entertainment, dining and gambling venues on the planet. In addition to a mass of world-class casinos, Las Vegas is strategically located enabling you to not only play on the strip, but ski on Mt. Charleston within an hours drive, head to Lake Mead for a boating excursion or head east to the Grand Canyon for a day trip by car, bus or helicopter.

Whether you exchange through Interval International or RCI, there are a wide variety of properties available at any given time on or off the strip.  Just place a request online via the member portal or contact our friendly member services department today to start planning your Las Vegas adventure!

This month, we’ve gone ahead and highlighted a few of our staff favorites for various activities and options on or near the Las Vegas strip.  If we missed your favorite spot, be sure to send us an e-mail to let us know!

Tahiti Village: Walter K. (CEO)
Just minutes from the strip with amenities such as the Mahana Spa, various dining options, nightly Luaus and a wide variety of pool and water activities.

Marriott’s Grand Chateau: Steve H. (Member Services)
This posh, stylish retreat is located just steps from the center of the glitz and glamour of the strip. 


Mandalay Bay: Nancy H. (Executive Admin.)
This tropical paradise is where you want to be when winning big!  With a game to satisfy any seasoned gambler, be sure to include this tropical paradise during your net trip.

The Bellagio: Alain C. (Vice President) 
This posh, stylish retreat is located just steps from the center of the glitz and glamour of the strip. Play & win while                             .                                                   surrounded by elegance and grandeur at The Bellagio.

Stack @ The Mirage: Kristen T. (Marketing)
International fusion cuisine focusing on small plates & grilled top-quality fish, meat and poultry. Perfect for a quick bite before a night out or a full meal shared with friends

In-N-Out Burger: Matt K. (Member Services)
Haven’t eaten here?  Just off the strip on Tropicana Ave, this Las Vegas staple is just what you need at any hour of the day or night!  Don’t miss this west coast phenomenon during your next trip!

Le Village Buffet @ Paris: Andrea P. (Marketing)
If you’re looking for the best buffet on the strip in terms of variety, quality and value, look no further than Le Village.  With all five regions of France represented by cuisine inside a quaint provincial atmosphere, you’re sure to remember this jewel located near the base of the Eiffel Tower. Bon Apetit!

Fountain @ The Bellagio: Mark J. (Operations)
A Combination of music, water and light, this spectacular audio-visual performance is truly one of a kind. Fountain shows start every 15 minutes during the daytime and evening hours. 
Love @ The Mirage: Magaly G. (Member Services)
Bringing together the magic of Cirque du Soleil with the spirit and passion of The Beatles… an intimate and powerful entertainment experience for all ages to enjoy.

10 Popular Holiday Traditions From Around The World

We’ve searched the world to find 10 of the most popular and interesting holiday traditions.

The holiday season is upon all of us again! People from all corners of the world enjoy their own personal holiday traditions, from the normal all the way through to downright extravagant. At American Resorts International, we always love to hear how people spend their holidays and what traditions they enjoy. This year, we decided to feature 10 Popular Holiday Traditions From Around The World, which we hope you’ll enjoy!

St. Lucia Day In Sweden – A tradition honoring a saint from the third-century. On December 13 girls dress up as Lucia Brides. This is done with a long flowing white gown and a red sash which dates back to the 18th Century. They normally wear a wreath of burning candles on their heads along with the gown and sash. Girls wake up early and wake the rest of the family by singing songs and preparing coffee and a traditional bun which is called St. Lucia’s bun. 


Hanukkah in Israel – Although this holiday is celebrated by Jewish people around the world, you won’t find a larger celebration than in Israel. Young children prepare different crafts related to celebration weeks before the eight-day holiday even begins.  Hanukkah marks the successful rebellion of the Jewish people over the Greeks. The main focus of Hanukkah is the menorah, which is a branched candelabrum. Every night people light one candle and gifts exchanged along with food and games. 

Seeing in New Year’s Eve in Ecuador – The families in Ecuador dress up a straw man who represents the old year or the year just passed. Each family member lists their faults on the straw man’s will, then at midnight the will and the straw man are burned. This gives everyone hope that they will be able to begin the new year with a fresh start. 


Omisoka in Japan – This is New Year’s Eve for the Japanese people. They consider New Year’s Eve the second most important day of the year, just behind New Year’s Day. Most Japanese families gather together and then celebrate with a late dinner at around 10-11pm. At midnight, many families visit a temple or shrine. Some homes have a cast iron bell that they strike 108 times to symbolize human desires that could cause suffering in people. 

Kwanzaa in the Americas – This  weeklong celebration honors the African-American culture. Kwanzaa began in 1966 and is considered one of the fastest growing holidays worldwide. A typical Kwanzaa celebration will normally include drumming and singing, reading and pledges from African history culminating with a feast and gift giving.

Christmas or Noël in France – Noël or Christmas shares quite a few similarities with Christmas in the USA, Australia or the United Kingdom, but has some distinct differences. On Christmas Eve, Père Noël visits the home of the people of France with gifts. Children are encouraged to leave their shoes by the fireplace that Pere Noel the father of Christmas will fill with gifts. Instead of the Christmas tree found in many other homes, there will normally be a Nativity Scene, which is the focus point of decoration. 


Ta Chiu in Hong Kong – The people of Hong Kong like to pray to the ghosts and gods of their ancestors in the hope that they will help to fulfill their wishes for the next year. A priest will read the names of the living people at the celebration and then attach these names to a paper horse and set it on fire. The smoke from the fire helps to carry the names up to the gods so that the living will be remembered. 

St. Steven’s Day in Ireland – Instead of focusing just on gifts and fun, Christmas celebrations in Ireland normally focus more on the religious side. Christmas celebrations begin on Christmas Eve and then run until January 6th, that is the Epiphany. On the 26th of December, children go from door to door, known as Wren Boys Procession, singing while holding a long pole that has a wren and Holly bust on its top. The children ask for donations for the starving wren that is considered a gift for them. Once upon a time people would kill a real wren, but now a replica is used. 

Sviata Vechera celebrated in the Ukraine – Sviata Vechera is celebrated on the 24th of December in the Ukraine, translated it means “Holy Supper.” The people of Ukraine begin the celebrations once the first evening star is sighted on Christmas Eve. In the rural areas of the Ukraine the head of the house would bring in a full sheaf of wheat, while in the city a few stalks are used. This wheat is used to symbolize the wheat crops of Ukraine and is known as the Didukh, which roughly translated means the Grandfather Spirit. 

Christmas In Alaska – Christmas celebrations in Alaska are similar to the rest of the United States with a few noticeable differences that make them special. The children in Alaska like to go Christmas caroling together along with a long pole that is topped with a large, colored star. The Christmas carols sung in Alaska commonly include words from the Aleut language. Many gifts and treats in an Alaskan Christmas include cakes, cookies, fish pies and smoked salmon. 

Throughout the world, we all celebrate Christmas and holidays in very different ways, but the one thing we all have in common is sharing these times with the ones we love.  So this holiday season, whatever your tradition , may your days be filled with family, friends, joy and laughter.   So from the ARI family to yours, Happy Holidays!

American Road Trip

With a points based membership, multi-destination trips has never been easier…

Isn’t it time for an American road trip?

The birds are chirping and spring is awakening all around us.  It’s about that time you start dreaming of all the places warm weather will take you and your family this year.  Now we’re sure you’ve exchanged many weeks in the past, but how about spending a few nights at a few different destinations?  Didn’t know that was possible?  Now it is, but only with a points based membership.
Our Points based membership programs allow partial week exchanges, or the ability to only use a portion of your usage at a time by turning your usage into points.  Not sure where to plan your road trip?  We’ve got a few ideas…
It’s time to get out of Chicago for a few days and head north into Michigan for a week long excursion. Make your way up the coast experiencing all this great peninsula has to offer. Stop to sample local cuisine and culture in places like Holland, Glen Arbor & Traverse City.  Each day of your journey there’s a new winery, brewery or local market to explore.  The best part, no pesky airports on this trip, just the open road winding through the lush forests and whichever destinations you’ve preselected.
New England
We’re on the hunt for lobster, and we’ve got a few stops to make on the way.  Let’s start in Cape Cod Bay, MA for some much needed beach time and a trip to the Kennedy Compound.  Next we head up the Atlantic coast to Portsmouth, NH.  With multiple properties just a short drive outside of town, the next few days are sure to be filled with rich American history that anyone could appreciate. Finally we’ve reached Maine.  Now for a few days exploring the rocky coast while tasting the finest lobster this beautiful state has to offer.
Northern California
Wine country is calling your name, but first we’ll start with a few days in the Bay Area.  A day of sightseeing Chinatown and the Mission District, another day to walk the Golden Gate Bridge and ferry out to tour Alcatraz Island.  Now we say goodbye to the misty bay and head north into wine country.  We’ve finally made it to Napa Valley, so we’ll spend a few days enjoying all that wine country has to offer.  Plus fresh seafood is caught daily from just a miles away which is sure to please any pallet.
Looking for something else?  Our member services team is here to do just that.  Simply give us a call and let us know what best suits your families needs.
Not a points member but you’d like to hear more information?  We’re now offering in-office as well as web based demos which are available by appointment only.

Best Beaches of the Caribbean

Best Beaches of the Caribbean 

There is no denying that the Caribbean contains some of the the best beaches in the world. The sun-drenched white sands, crystal-clear waters, and palm trees swaying in the breeze sounds all too much like a tropical paradise, that’s because it is! There is no better place to kick back and relax, and here are the best of the best –



Aruba, only 70 square miles in size, is a firm favorite with holiday travelers to the Caribbean. With dozens of beaches to choose from, the stand-out one has to be Eagle beach. Often voted as one of the best beaches in the world, its soft white sands and gentle surf are an immediate attraction. It is a surprisingly quiet beach as well, making it perfect for soaking up the Caribbean sun in a relaxed atmosphere.



With over 500 miles of coastline, Jamaica has a wide assortment of beaches to enjoy, from small intimate coves, to larger beaches in popular tourist resort areas. With so many to choose from, narrowing down which one is the best is no easy task, but Negril beach is sure to land on the top of many travel connoisseur lists. Situated on the western side of the island, it boasts five miles of white sands, with the clear sea on one side, and fringed by palm trees, restaurants and bars on the other. There are plenty of water sporting activities such as windsurfing and scuba diving to try, and it is even possible to get a massage right on the beach. Top tip – Remember to stay until the sun goes down, and witness a truly breathtaking sunset.



If you are looking for a quiet and hard to reach place that will ensure tranquillity and keeps the masses away, then Tahiti Beach is the place for you. Located at the far end of the island, its cool waters and white sands can only be reached by walking or riding a bike along the sand and gravel tracks from Hope Town, or by chartering a boat. A mini-adventure to reach an idyllic setting? Perfect.


Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic has long been a firm favorite for people seeking an all inclusive vacation in the Caribbean. The Punta Cana/Bavaro area on the east coast is home to a cluster of resorts, and for good reason – One of the worlds best strips of beach is right on the doorstep. There are over 20 miles of golden sand beach, and the waters are safe for swimming all the year through. A wide range of activities are also available to choose from, so thrill seekers will be just as satisfied as those seeking a more relaxed vacation.

Still Haven’t Made Plans for 2015?
No need to worry, there may still be availability in various locations throughout the Caribbean. Contact American Resorts International Member Services today at 1(866)625-6388.

Spring Break Fun & Sun

Get Ready for Fun in the Sun
It’s Time to Plan Your 2016 Spring Break

Are you dreaming of sandy shores under the sun,or craving hearty cuisine after hitting the slopes? Perhaps you just need some R&R time in a relaxing day spa.  Whatever you desire, spring break is the perfect time to escape from wintertime blues and workplace worries and make your way to somewhere fun!

With the holidays now behind you, now is the perfect time to start planning your 2016 getaways.  Whatever your ideal vacation may be, your interval with ARI will surely take you there.  With up to 3,500 properties to choose from, based on your ownership, there’s no shortage of options to find something to suit you and your entire family.

Maximizing your vacation exchange is all about timing, and planning  ahead will increase your options.  The average request is placed around a year in advance. Plus, now is the perfect time to
take advantage of unit size upgrades.


Still Haven’t Made Plans for 2015?
No need to worry, there may still be various locations available to you.  For example, Florida destinations such as Orlando and Kissimmee offer a large number of properties in the exchange networks, which can make last minute requests typically possible.  Other destinations with potential last minute availability include Las Vegas, Nevada and Cancun, Mexico.  The best way to find out is to contact American Resorts International Member Services today at 1(866)625-6388.