Spring Break Fun & Sun

Get Ready for Fun in the Sun
It’s Time to Plan Your 2016 Spring Break

Are you dreaming of sandy shores under the sun,or craving hearty cuisine after hitting the slopes? Perhaps you just need some R&R time in a relaxing day spa.  Whatever you desire, spring break is the perfect time to escape from wintertime blues and workplace worries and make your way to somewhere fun!

With the holidays now behind you, now is the perfect time to start planning your 2016 getaways.  Whatever your ideal vacation may be, your interval with ARI will surely take you there.  With up to 3,500 properties to choose from, based on your ownership, there’s no shortage of options to find something to suit you and your entire family.

Maximizing your vacation exchange is all about timing, and planning  ahead will increase your options.  The average request is placed around a year in advance. Plus, now is the perfect time to
take advantage of unit size upgrades.


Still Haven’t Made Plans for 2015?
No need to worry, there may still be various locations available to you.  For example, Florida destinations such as Orlando and Kissimmee offer a large number of properties in the exchange networks, which can make last minute requests typically possible.  Other destinations with potential last minute availability include Las Vegas, Nevada and Cancun, Mexico.  The best way to find out is to contact American Resorts International Member Services today at 1(866)625-6388.


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