American Road Trip

With a points based membership, multi-destination trips has never been easier…

Isn’t it time for an American road trip?

The birds are chirping and spring is awakening all around us.  It’s about that time you start dreaming of all the places warm weather will take you and your family this year.  Now we’re sure you’ve exchanged many weeks in the past, but how about spending a few nights at a few different destinations?  Didn’t know that was possible?  Now it is, but only with a points based membership.
Our Points based membership programs allow partial week exchanges, or the ability to only use a portion of your usage at a time by turning your usage into points.  Not sure where to plan your road trip?  We’ve got a few ideas…
It’s time to get out of Chicago for a few days and head north into Michigan for a week long excursion. Make your way up the coast experiencing all this great peninsula has to offer. Stop to sample local cuisine and culture in places like Holland, Glen Arbor & Traverse City.  Each day of your journey there’s a new winery, brewery or local market to explore.  The best part, no pesky airports on this trip, just the open road winding through the lush forests and whichever destinations you’ve preselected.
New England
We’re on the hunt for lobster, and we’ve got a few stops to make on the way.  Let’s start in Cape Cod Bay, MA for some much needed beach time and a trip to the Kennedy Compound.  Next we head up the Atlantic coast to Portsmouth, NH.  With multiple properties just a short drive outside of town, the next few days are sure to be filled with rich American history that anyone could appreciate. Finally we’ve reached Maine.  Now for a few days exploring the rocky coast while tasting the finest lobster this beautiful state has to offer.
Northern California
Wine country is calling your name, but first we’ll start with a few days in the Bay Area.  A day of sightseeing Chinatown and the Mission District, another day to walk the Golden Gate Bridge and ferry out to tour Alcatraz Island.  Now we say goodbye to the misty bay and head north into wine country.  We’ve finally made it to Napa Valley, so we’ll spend a few days enjoying all that wine country has to offer.  Plus fresh seafood is caught daily from just a miles away which is sure to please any pallet.
Looking for something else?  Our member services team is here to do just that.  Simply give us a call and let us know what best suits your families needs.
Not a points member but you’d like to hear more information?  We’re now offering in-office as well as web based demos which are available by appointment only.

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