Make Your Timeshare Your Legacy

This month we wanted to take time to highlight not a destination, but one of the most valuable features of timeshare ownership.  A feature which allows you to give a lasting gift of memories and quality leisure time to your children and their children.

It is a widely shared sentiment that family is the most important thing in our lives.  The memories we make as well as the times we spend living and learning truly become our most precious possessions. For those of us who are parents, as we watch our children grow, we understand firsthand how quickly it all goes by.
I was recently watching Disney’s movie, “Inside Out” with my girls who are now 11 and 13 and I have to say I was quite saddened as the main character, Riley, started to lose the memories that she had made as a child. But I was re-inspired when she realized that our childhood memories are never really lost. They are saved within our family who help to keep them for us; in their hearts, so that we can revisit them any time we want to.
In this day where many of our traditional values are challenged, and the opportunity to spend time with our family is harder and harder to come by, it is vital to make the time with our children, as well as our parents as they too grow older. Holidays come and go, but it is often those memorable trips, those special times together away from the same old four walls, that we remember most fondly. As a timeshare owner, we are fortunate to experience these memorable vacations on  a regular basis.

Owning a timeshare is an investment in making lifetime memories with those you love.
Maybe it was the idea of laying on a beach you never knew existed, or shopping in a charming European village that made you purchase your first timeshare. You were probably not even thinking about the bonds or memories you would make with your loved ones on the day you bought it. Most of us take these things for granted.  I can tell you first hand, we often hear from the moms and dads who do make vacationing with their family a priority, and how much it continues to impact their children’s and even their grand children’s, lives.
I would like to remind you to include your timeshare in your estate planning so that your children or nieces and nephews can continue the tradition of making memories all over the world.  Making the most of your timeshare truly can make the most out of your life and the lives of those you love.

Alain Carr
Vice President

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